Why possession became our master

We live in an excessive world. Apartments are crammed full with objects that don´t really fulfill a purpose. Genuinely, many of them are just there, because we either like to store things and can´t get rid of them or they make us feel as if self-esteem was increasing by possessing them. Initally, stone tools were […]


Entwicklungsgeschichte der weltweiten Landwirtschaft

Im Jahr 2020 sind die benötigten Ressourcen größer als je zuvor. Zurzeit leben 7,77 Milliarden Menschen auf der Erden. Tendenz steigend. Für 2050 erwarten die Vereinten Nationen 9,7 Milliarden und in 2100 sollen 10,9 Milliarden Menschen auf dem Globus leben. Bereits heute ist abzusehen, dass die Verteilung der Weltbevölkerung ungleich ist. Fast 60% aller Menschen […]


Lean production approach for personal workspace

Starting in the 70s, the academic rate in Western countries has increased tremendously. For instance, in Austria it rose from 2,8% to 15,8%. This means that a wide mass of people tends to work from a desk at least more often. The former workbench has turned into a desk. For a lot of people that […]